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Enkulu 1 Enkulu 2                             Enkulu 1                                  
The Enkulu 1 is the Smallest in our caravan range, but also the most suitable for 4x4 touring, because of its agility and strength. Two people can sleep in comfort, and it is otherwise equipped basically the same as the other Infanta caravans.


Inkunzi4x4 Trailer                             Enkulu 2                                  
With our first caravan built in 2015, we are very excited about the new Enkulu 2. A bit more luxurious than the 4x4 trailer, the caravan is just as easy to camp with and you'll be ready to relax and pour drinks in under 3 minutes!


MotorhomeCanopies                                Inkunzi                                   
The layout inside and outside of the Inkunzi cruiser is 
practical and expertly planned with a space for everything
that you would need on your camping holiday.


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Crystal coastal shores, or the rugged bushveld under African sun - take on your outdoor adventures with the greatest of ease. We guarantee you an exciting yet comfortable adventure!