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Planning a sudden 4x4 holiday without the gear? No Problem! Our fully equipped 4x4 Trailer and Caravan are available to rent as well.


Rent a 4x4 Trailer 


    • Double bed on top of trailer, outside kitchen area, spacious tent and plenty of storage space.
  • No fridge/freezer and no geyser. 

  • The trailer has a kettle for hot water for dishes and an old milk can to heat water on the fire for the shower.

  • We have a 60L Engel fridge/freezer to rent for R100 per day.

  • Rate per day R650.00

  • Refundable deposit R6000.00
trailers rental




Rent a 4x4 Caravan


caravans rental


  • Enkulu 2 (first model) - 4x4 fully equipped 2-sleeper caravan
  • The towing vehicle needs anderson plugs to charge the trailer batteries.
  • Rate per day: R1100.00 for 0-7 days and R1000.00 for 7 days +
  • We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking.
  • The balance as well as the R6000 refundable insurance deposit is payable the day before collection.
  • We will charge a penalty cleaning fee of R450 if a trailer is returned in a filthy condition.
    This will be deducted from the insurance deposit.
  • Any breakages will also need to be replaced and the replacement value will be deducted from the
    insurance deposit.
  • Cross-border documentation done free of charge.
  • Please contact the office for further information.



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